Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Plan

After a considerable amount of deliberation, I've taken "Bugsy" offline.  If all goes according to plan I'll be publishing it as an e-book.   For all of you who have supported the story, I'll either give you a free copy or e-mail you the episodes that are not in the book.  Hopefully I can get you a free copy as I'm doing some rewrite to the original episodes.  I believe the writing is better and likely there will be some changes from the original setting as the story evolved greatly in the writing from week to week.  Specifically, I'm not sure I will include war in any future writing.  It is something I neither like nor have any interest in and truthfully, I wonder now why I even included a statement about it in that first episode.

Since finishing "Bugsy" will be a priority, I doubt I'll be publishing a blog with any regularity but I will continue to follow your blogs as time permits.

Friday, February 28, 2014


Sadly, I've come to the decision I have to take a break from blogging.  The reason is I need to make some money and it has become obvious I can't do it writing a blog.  I can and have made money trading stocks and options online.  It is not easy.  It is high stress and requires the ability to accept losses from time to time.  That in itself is reason enough not to do it but it also requires a vast amount of time doing research in addition to spending most of each day following the market ups and downs.

The money is not for me.  I don't need much and I'm comfortable.  It is for my family who is young and struggling.  I can't sit by and do nothing.

I have made friends, at least cyber friends if I never meet you in person.  I don't want to lose any of you.  I have enjoyed reading your blogs and comments immensely.  For that reason I will be reading your blogs whenever possible.  Thank you for supporting my blog, especially "Bugsy" which I loved writing and hopefully and can pick up again sometime in the future.