Oogi Noogi

copyright 07/31/2013

I live in an ancient tree in the great forest of Noogi Oogi. We survive by eating foods produced by CorporateAmerica.  Payment for this food usually comes from perspiration, occasionally aspiration and rarely inspiration.  Sometimes people just steal it.

Life for me in Noogi Ooogi was pleasant enough for many years although boredom would often take hold and then my mate and I would have to chase DiversionBots.  They are not hard to find but very hard to conquer.  Not only are they hard to conquer; they can take captives.  My Ex got lost while chasing a particularly clever one. I knew this when the elephant she always rode came home riderless.  I grieved for her a long time.

Eventually however, even in my grief I felt I must have a mate. I found some females who wanted to be my mate but I didn't like them as much as my Ex and well, every time they saw her elephant, they got mad.  So I gave up looking for a mate - for a long time.

As luck would have it, I was fairly successful hunting alone. Many years passed. Time does things to our memory.  Things that seemed awful once doesn't seem quite as bad after years of wear .  Some things that seemed pretty good once become furiously desirable.  So was the case with the mate chase.

One day after a big celebration, I went hunting with my brethren and their mates. Seeing them chase the wild and wooly DiversionBots, all the time laughing and talking made me, once again, yearn for a mate.

I sold the elephant.


Helsie said...

Have been reading your stories and I LOVE this one best !!!

rhymeswithplague said...

Are you saying that once upon a time there was a man named Oogi Noogi who lived in the land of Noogi Oogi? It must be true; no one could ever make that up.

David Oliver said...

Thanks Helsie, I appreciate you telling me. I had always thought people didn't care for it because I wrote it a few years ago for a little website my girl friend and I had created. There was never a comment on it.

David Oliver said...

I want to call this a parody. Maybe there is a better description. It's about my life.

David Oliver said...

Just out of curiosity, what do y'all think the elephant symbolizes?

Lorna said...

The Republican in the room. :-)

David Oliver said...

I'm not sure I follow you but everyone is welcome in my room. I have no political affiliation and very little conviction of my beliefs - politically. I like to think I'm an observer, not a participant. Yes, it's a cop out.

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