Sunday, July 14, 2013


I scan the fridge and then I sigh
once again, groceries I must buy
Seems every time I turn around
off to the Piggly Wiggly I am bound

A list is what I must do first
shopping without it is the worst
But what order shall I make the list
by market aisle, no I can't do this

Because what was on aisle number three
when last I searched and I did see
Has likely been moved to some other aisle
or maybe just dumped in a corner pile

So I should I list my stuff by priority
chow for the cat and coffee for me
Those two things, I can't be without
because the cat will meow and I will pout

There must be something I want to eat
I'm tired of chicken and mystery meat
Maybe a steak would be real fine
To heck with my arteries, on steak I'll dine

I'll just get lots of fruit and such
my heart will thank me ever so much
until the fruit rots in the refrigerator
'cause I always say, I'll eat it later

I hate buying groceries, this is true
making a list and seeing it through
Maybe tomorrow will be soon enough
I'll wait 'til then, even if it's tough


ADRIAN said...

So true. I rarely use the same shop for long enough to have any idea where stuff is.
Thanks for the smile.

David Oliver said...

Thanks for smiling. I never know how things I write will be received until I get a comment. And for me, writing poems is nuts. Either I can write one in a little while or I can't write it at all.

Phillip Oliver said...

With insomnia at 4am, this brought a smile to my face. Love it David! I try to organize my list by the way things are arranged in the grocery store but of course I always end up having to backtrack for something. It is not one of my favorite chores unless I'm in the mood for it.

David Oliver said...

How good! Not that you had insomnia at 4 AM but that it brought a smile to your face. I had mowed yesterday afternoon late, ran out of gas just before I finished and had to re-fuel. So of course then I did some extra mowing - some fringe areas I usually don't worry with. I came inside exhausted, took a bath and then a nap. When I woke up I was in a mood to write! And this was the result.

troutbirder said...

Grocery lists are good. Unfortunately I'm an "impulse" buyer. That may explain why I have seven large sized cans of Folgers...:(

David Oliver said...

*laughing* Yep, but I think you can never have too much coffee!

Should Fish More said...

Very clever, David.
I only take lists either when I make my monthly trip to WalMart (because I dread going there, and don't want to go back), or when I'm in Seattle, and my daughter sends me shopping. Then she makes it, distrusting my memory.

And, contrary to the popular wisdom, I don't go shopping right after eating. If I'm full, nothing looks good, and I leave without getting what is needed for the next day. Undisciplined? Yep, but as I get along in years I think it's over-rated.......I'm all about whim sometimes.

David Oliver said...

Mike, I envy you that memory. Without a list, I would come home with maybe half the items I need. But I buy for about week and a half at time so maybe that's part of remembering all the stuff I want to get.

Undisciplined? Yeah...the same is happening to me and I like it. :)

M said...

Piggly Wiggly! Do they even still exist? I can't remember the last time I saw one . . . And it's funny you posted this, since last night I dreamt about grocery shopping . . .


David Oliver said...

Yes M, they do. Actually it is the only grocery store in my little home town of Phil Campbell, Alabama. As far as I know it is not only existing but thriving. I could drive to Russellville which is not a bad drive but shopping at the Pig feels a whole lot like shopping at a friend's store.

I don't know about the does seem oddly coincidental.

Thanks for posting your website address. I looked for it yesterday but didn't find the right one. I guess I was tired at the time...

David Oliver said...

Okay, after a little investigation, I had found your blog. It just looks different. I like the look of it now very much.

A Beer for the Shower said...

My mother's a manager at the local grocery store, so I've been shopping there exclusively almost 15 years now (the moment I turned 16 and learned to drive, she said okay now you get to go shopping for the family) so I have that damn store memorized like the back of my hand. I still live fairly close, so I do all of my shopping there, and I organize by where stuff is located in the store.

If I ever have to go to another grocery store, I assure you of this: I am royally screwed. I don't like change!

David Oliver said...

Hooray for your Mom! I like the Pig but they are the worst about moving stuff around. Once in a blue moon I'll look around a bit to see if there's anything I want. Most of the time I want to get in and get out ASAP.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

At last America has found a replacement for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - though I don't believe he ever applied his poetic craft to the purchase of groceries from his local "Piggly Wiggly"!

David Oliver said...

Henry never had to buy groceries
or bring them home and cook, oh geez!
Our lives been different, don't you see
He read books, I watch TV!

Carol Kilgore said...

I don't like grocery shopping. I spend too much. Husband is a much better shopper.

David Oliver said...

I don't worry about how much I spend if I eat it. I joked about fruit rotting in the fridge but truthfully I hate letting anything ruin. Milk is the only thing I let ruin sometimes now. A half gallon is not enough and a gallon is too much. I need a 3/4 gallon jug.

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