Friday, July 19, 2013

The Bloggers

I can't get poems out of my head.  A Beer for the Shower didn't help with the terrific blog they did on poetry.  So here is my latest effort based on my links page.

All you really need if you're stinky and out of power
is a lesson on "how to" at A Beer for the Shower

A Hippo on the Lawn will tell you a story
of real true things or a pirate's glory

Adrian makes pictures that's a sight to see
you'll exclaim with wonder and awe and glee

It's books and movies and words all about
where Alex J. Cavanaugh talks and hangs out

I'm not really sure where Carol in Cairns
got the name of her blog, I'll be darns
(sorry I wanted to be sure and make A Beer for the Shower's crappy poets list)

Death, despair and biscuits is Waffle's stock in trade
but laugh you will 'cause it's merely a charade

a religion or philosophy called Brutalism
I dunno Brute, I'll just call it a schism

Demob happy teacher is from North Wales
and documents her life from whence she hails

Dirt Therapy will show you pictures of roses and such
And tell how to grow them, if you want to work that much

Rightly so, Madame Weebles is proud of herself
and she'll tell you so beginning with the letter F

Most of year he's surrounded by ice
but Genial Misanthrope is warm and he's nice

L A Coch-ran has a witty satiric edge
into her bloggery she's managed this wedge

A letter from Joshua makes you think he could
be a nerd but nah, he's just misunderstood

Life by chocolate is Robyn's creed
definitely one, most of us can heed

Cro Magnon I hear, you've been buckle swashing
'a wasting time when veggies need washing

My Word 1 is where ZACL talks
about the things when she takes walks

The queen of satire is Pickleope
all subjects are within her scope

Point Counter-Point Point Point, oh dear
to rhyme with this causes fear, fear, fear

Mighty Rassles, my brain is fried
it's shorted out, it's been electrified

Sarcastic ninja, Art Review Fun Time
snarky words, no need to rhyme

StrangePegs, I don't get that name
It's sense you make, just the same

The Crow is flying in a cloudy sky
but her words are clear as she passes by

Gorilla Bananas is his name
but the japing ape is his game

Such a good thing Molly Bawn can write
makes us feel good and bring new insight

At the Owl Wood Ian must keep his teapot brewing
new words and thoughts, 'cause ordinary he's eschewing

This one was really hard Daisy Fae
a Trailer Park Refugee, I lost my way

troutbirder is a favorite of nature and man
all he touches is blessed by his hand

There's a lot of stuff under the Tiki Hut
of this I can assure you, there's never a nut

Yorkshire Pudding is wonderful in many ways
his wit and kindness and intelligence have been mainstays


Should Fish More said...

How do you do this type of writing?? I totally lack the knack (or gene, or whatever). Very clever, David.

I fear the two adjectives you used to describe me have rarely been used when I'm the subject.

David Oliver said...

Thanks Mike. I don't know how, I could always do this stuff but didn't realize anybody liked it until that tweety thing.

The adjectives I used describing you is the impression I've got...and I still think I'm right. :) said...

This is great, fun, poetry. I love how you incorporated so many of us. Thanks for including me, David. You will never make A Beer for the Shower's lousy poets list, I'm afraid.

Have a great weekend.

David Oliver said...

Thank you Robyn! I haven't read any of your poetry yet but I know you've published so what you said means a lot. Funny poems like funny prose is the hardest for me to write. I don't know if I made it with the Cairns lines and reference to A Beer for the Shower's lousy poets but I tried.

Hope you have a good weekend too!

Carol said...

Thanks for the include in your list Mr Oliver. Looks like you have got the poetry bug.

David Oliver said...

I have and not sure like other bugs how long this one will last. Hopefully it will go away before my readers get sick of it.

Hope you don't mind me using Cairns for my funny line. My first thought was nothing rhymes with Cairns so I won't put it at the end of the line. Then Cairns and darns just struck me as funny.

Hope they got your railroad fixed so you won't run out of sugar.

Cro Magnon said...

Still Swashle Bucking. Hey ho!

David Oliver said...

Cro, I have searched the internet fruitlessly for a captain swashbuckling poem. I owe you one. Will work on that.

David Oliver said...

I always try to pay my debts...

For Captain Cro Magnon I signed up to be
one of his swabies upon the high sea

No slovenly worker he said sternly to me
Or I'll chop off a finger, you just wait and see

But I got tired and leaned on my mop
and quick as a wink my finger he did chop

I'm known as Nine Fingers, a lesson learned
mind your captain or get what you've earned

Carol said...

No fear of the world running out of sugar.

David Oliver said...

I was kidding but after you posted I got to thinking about it. When the price of gasoline first began its ascent, it was the result of a shortage. If I'm not mistaken, the first shortage and big price hike was sugar. That was followed by coffee. Fortunately for consumers, sugar and coffee never had a second shortage. At least sugar did not, maybe coffee had at least one more.

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