Monday, July 1, 2013

Tweety the Tweeter

I was bored, okay?

So I've been told twitters don't twit, they tweet
And the sweeter the twitter, the sweeter the tweet,
But what of the poor parakeet?
Here's Tweety all 'a twitter to tweet
But he's a twit 'cause he can't treat
his listeners with tweets ever so sweet

No worries is all I can say to the bird
There's other ways to be heard
There's bloggers blogging and talkers talking
talking heads and squawkers squawking
So raise your voice and throw a vibe
Someone might just listen to your aside.


The Crow said...

Good one, David! I like the rhythm, the rhyme and the whimsy.

David Oliver said...

Thanks Martha. :)
I almost never write stuff like this but sometimes it's fun playing with words.

Andrew Leon said...

Looks like a good use of bored time.

David Oliver said...

Okay, I'm going to come clean. I'm never really bored. I was just bored with what I had been writing and wanted to do something different.

Carol Kilgore said...

Fun poem!

troutbirder said...

Maybe I should try it. In my day being a twit was not complementary term especially for a woman....:)

David Oliver said...

Thanks Carol. :)

David Oliver said...

I have never used it because I'm not good at chatting. Incredible as this may appear from some of the stuff I've written, I do have to think a little bit before I write. That means I'm just too slow to tweet.

I'm pretty sure twit is still not a complimentary term and it is likely why, very early on, twitter made the point that people who post there tweet and the posters are tweeters, not twitters.

Should Fish More said...

I doubt I'll ever 'tweet', unclear as to how one would do that. And if I did, I have not doubt that in a couple days one of the kids would show up, sit down, and shake their head. "Dad, dad, dad......" it'd start.

Should Fish More said...

Also, out of a courtesy that is lacking in moi, TB left out a crucial reason why the term is horrid to use with women. The difference of course is the 'a'. I despise the term.

Twit as a uncomplimentary term has been around for years, describing someone who willfully does the wrong thing.

David Oliver said...

Exactly Mike. There were other reasons but that was one why I closed my Facebook account after a couple months. The "Dad, why did you say that" and worrying about what they would think got really old, really fast.

Since they consider blogging no longer a viable means of communication, I'm safe here. :)

David Oliver said...

Thanks for adding this. I was under the impression it meant "empty headed" but had never looked the word up - never feeling compelled to use it.

Should Fish More said...

I tried facebook over a year ago, lasted a month. What my two daughters were uncomfortable with was me seeing their posts......and I felt the same. Some things dad just doesn't need to know...

My son is the family exception to the 'lure' of social media. He has a laptop (for his school), but since he got out of the Army he's stopped even emailing. The only thing he'll do is talk or text on his phone.

molly said...

Yup! I feel safe here in the social media "old Folks home!"---Blogging. As for "twit", I've always understood it to mean someone with nothing but air between their ears!

David Oliver said...

And I like this old folks home. :)

I'm inclined to believe rightly or wrongly that the creators of twitter might have had the air thing in mind when they created it.

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